Take and Bake Marketing has a wide variety of experience with both indoor and outdoor photography. Lighting, set-up, dress, environment, marketing strategy – there is a lot more that goes into a professional shoot than just point and click. At T&B we pride ourselves with efficient planning for every shoot so that our photographers know exactly how the photos can and will be used going forward.


There are a lot of reasons someone seeks out help with professional photography: Professional Head-Shots, Graduation/Senior Pictures, Web and Social Media Profile pics, Product Showcase photos, and much more.

With T&B the photography is just the start of our professional photo packaging. Photo cleaning, touch-up, and graphic design are included within our post-production process.

Our goal is to take a photo that would make someone say “Nice” and turn it into something that makes them go “WOW!” photo shoot was used for product development (book cover) as well as accent photos for his web site. Click the image above to see those photos in use.


Did you know according to a 2017 study, as a woman on an online dating website, if your photo features your hair up – you’re 27% more likely to receive a like? In fact, looking away from the camera to the distance (rather than straight on) increases likes 74%, and smiling with your teeth showing increases likes 76%!

That’s crazy, right?

The truth is having the right photo means a lot in our click, swipe, scan society.  There are a lot of reasons people would consider professional photography and that’s why we have built a variety of budget-friendly options. From in-home to outdoor, in-studio to in-store/on-location shoots, T&B is ready to take your photography project to a whole new level.

Please review pricing options on our Dessert Menu on our Services page, or contact us for a free consultation about your specific project. We look forward to hearing from you!